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PCBWay TV Show 04- PCB Can be ART!

by: Aug 27,2020 1864 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

PCB Painting LED Pikachu Badge Badge Art PCB PCBWay

PCB art design is the practice of putting high-quality visual designs and patterns on a circuit board. PCB Art has many forms. These can be simple things like text and logos of a company, or more advanced patterns like pictures and vector graphics. Today we’ll introduce some more beautiful PCBWayer’s PCB Artworks for you. Let’s go check them.


“Brainy is a beautiful PCB pin badge, it is shaped like a brain and it has a funny face with a band-aid. Wear it and shine everywhere!

It has 8 charlieplexed white Led's, 6 on the front and 2 on the back. They simulate the neurons activity. It is powered with a CR2032 battery and has a button to select the desired animation. Press it for change the animation or to turn it off (low power mode).

Is controlled by a PIC12LF1822 and all the design files (Eagle PCB project and MPLAB firmware) are open source, so you can make your own animations and upload it with the built-in ICSP connector. Use your brain and customize your badge!!!”

2.Pikachu PCB

“In several activities to programming Arduino, we need to ease the learning process of the students. And to create new methodologies is need to create new forms to engage the students to use the imagination and creativity.

Based on this problematic, we create Pikachu Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is a board with its format and several resources to program with Arduino.”

3.Pride Flag PCB:

4.LED game Business Card:

5.PCB Paintings & Badges

PCBWay Shared Project Page

6.Sunflower PCB


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