In several activities to programming Arduino, we need to ease the learning process of the students. And to create new methodologies is need to create new forms to engage the students to use the imagination and creativity.

Based on this problematic, we create Pikachu Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This is a board with its format and several resources to program with Arduino.

Now, we present the circuit and diagram to you earn 10 free PCBs of the PCB presented in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Pikachu Printed Circuit Board.

Project Development

The board is based in the form of the Pikachu and its electronic schematic is presented in Figure 2.

In the Electronic Schematic below was used 4 LEDs. Two LEDs are used for eyes of the Pikachu and other two LEDs are used for the ears.

Figure 2 - Schematic of the Pikachu Printed Circuit Board.

On the tail of the Pikachu there is a button. This button is used to allow the user to interact and perform some task when the button is pressed. And finally, we have a passive buzzer. Through this buzzer, the user can generate sounds for the Pikachu or some melody through the Arduino.

Hereafter, will present the PCB layout in Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Pikachu PCB Layout.


Now, case you have interesting in earn 10 units of Pikachu PCB, you can access our PCBWay repository and earn your PCBs - Access PCBWay, Create your account and earn 10 PCBs.

Jun 30,2019
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