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Maker makes the world a better place - Fight against COVID19

by: Apr 10,2020 978 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

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When the COVID19 crisis began in Spain and with the lockdown, the first moves of makers began to emerge with a desire to help.

coronavirusmakers.org was born. Many Telegram groups were created to discuss and organize in a natural way. Currently, coronavirusmakers.org is also in other countries (https://world.coronavirusmakers.org/paises) and you can join as well.

The working groups are coordinated in Telegram at a geographical level, and can be subdivided into smaller and more effective groups.

Our non-profit association Ripolab Hacklab, we have organized locally with other anonymous people from our village (Ripollet, near Barcelona), to print in 3D facial shields and accessories for medical personnel. We are 10 people who have already succeeded to date (March 9) to distribute more than 430 facial shields and more than 40 straps for surgical mask. And we continue!

We have contacted the local authorities, City Hall and civil protection groups, to distribute these printed items in 3D, and not leave home.

We work altruistically and all the material is obtained through donations or with our own personal money. We have collected in a Github repository (https://github.com/ripolab/CV19_FAB_RIPOLLET) all the models that have been shared and printed in 3D (they are not models designed by us).

We encourage you to participate in these initiatives and altruistically help those medical staff who care for us, and people like nurses, police, firefighters, health personnel, etc. who are exposed to COVID19 every day. They are the real heroes.

If you have a 3D printer, start fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Or if you don't have one, start helping with your knowledge of 3D design, engineering, contacts, coordination skills,...anything!

PD: The cover image, is me testing one of the first models of PRUSA's face shields. We finally didn't use that design.

Global Collaboration for Combating COVID-19 : Free Masks for PCBWayers!

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