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Basic Information about LED PCB

by: Apr 16,2020 332 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Basic Information

Metal Core PCB Heat Dissipation Aluminum PCB LED PCB

The LED PCB comes into being with the rapid development of the printed circuit PCB industry. Some LEDs were soldered on PCB to created lighting electronic products.

As we all know that LED will generate more heat compared with other electronic parts, which required the PCB to have a better ability for dissipating heat. For these special requirements, metal core PCB are frequently used on LED PCB, especially aluminum core PCB. This is because the aluminum PCB typically includes a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material that can transfer and dissipate the heat with much greater efficiency than a traditional rigid PCB.

Now SMD packaging type is the most widely used packaging form in LED applications. In general, it’s limited for the light emitted from a single LED component. So multiple LED components would be used for a single light fixture to achieve sufficient light. Like other semiconductor devices, PCB is the best method to electrically connect the LED components. And a PCB with LED components soldered is usually called as “LED PCB”.

Advantages of LED PCB

When it comes to the advantages of using LED PCB, well there are plenty of them and we are now going to mention a few so that you know about the application too.

.Light In Weight

.No Dimension Issues

.Efficient Low Power Consumption

.Available In Different Sizes

.Heat Dissipation Performance

.Dust and Moisture resistant

.May be used in silver flex membrane switches and copper flex membrane switches.

The application of LED PCB


LED indicators and displays are always used for telecommunications equipment because of the surrounding machinery, the excellent heat transferability. So aluminum-based LED PCBs are extremely useful in this application. 


Aluminum PCB LEDs also used in cars on indicators, in headlights and brake lights, and other applications. The durability and competitive price makes these aluminum PCBs ideal within the automotive industry.  

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are those devices that are being used by humans on a daily basis. These electronics include smartphones and computers, in fact, even the new forms of fridges also have electronic components in them. The best part about the LED PCBs is that they offer low units per cost which make the price of the final product relatively less than what it’s supposed to be.


Lighting tools used in surgeries and medical examinations commonly use high-powered LED lights, and these LED lights often use aluminum PCBs. 

This is primarily due to the durability and heat transfer capabilities of aluminum PCB LEDs — this ensures medical equipment is functioning properly regardless of the number of patients cycling through a medical office. In addition to lighting tools, medical scanning technology often uses aluminum PCBs as well.  

PCBWAY supplied affordable LED PCBs

As a PCB manufacturer with more than a decade of experience, we can provide LED PCB fabrication, components purchasing and assembly. You just need to upload your customized Gerber file and BOM for us to quote. And then you can check our quotation and decide to buy from us or not, it is also acceptable that you supply us the parts for assembly if you want.  

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