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  2. Global Collaboration for Combating COVID-19 : Free Masks for PCBWayers!

Global Collaboration for Combating COVID-19 : Free Masks for PCBWayers!

by: Mar 20,2020 3536 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

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Love without borders conquers all fear!

Yan, CEO of PCBWay

One World One Fight!

These days, COVID19 ravages all of the world, and every country has suffered heavy losses. We must know to win this inevitable battle every one of us should stand together and hold hands tightly. Love will conquer all fears!

After more than a month, with the efforts of people across the country, the development of the epidemic situation in China has been curbed and has now greatly improved. And, we are really grateful for the assistance and encouragement of the whole world during the outbreak of COVID19.

Warmth from PCBWayers

It is time for us to give you back. We know that there is a shortage of foreign mask resources, to doing our part fighting the COVID19, we have purchased a batch of masks from various channels, hoping to send them to PCBWayers who need them. We have already sent a batch of masks to our clients, now the supplies are very limited (less than 100,000)and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis so please do not delay.

(Updated on April, 13th)

Note: The face masks are NOT for selling, get them for free via Email to your sales rep. The face masks must be individually packaged and sent according to the latest customs requirements, can not be added into the package together with PCB or SMT orders.

Also, we prepare a mystery gift for all PCBWayers, get the gift!

Take care and stay healthy! We stand with you!


Resource Sharing

Hand Book of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment


PCBWay Team

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