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  2. Free Gift For Ordering Stencil: Solder Paste Spreader of 12 Chinese Zodiac

Free Gift For Ordering Stencil: Solder Paste Spreader of 12 Chinese Zodiac

by: May 17,2019 2868 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

12 Chinese Zodiac stencil free gift

Dear PCBWayer,

We have prepared thousands of Solder Paste Spreaders in  an image of 12 Chinese Zodiac. Now, you will receive the  card together with your Stencil order package. 
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2019 is the year of Pig. During the period of the clan commune, the pig is the sign of wealth. Pigs can be lazy at times. On the bright side, they are sincere, kind and tolerant. They are often very devoted to their work and family life. You may see the order of these 12 Zodiacs and wonder how does it rank last in the Chinese Zodiac? So I am going to tell you a Chinese folk legend about the pig.


The pig was selected as a Chinese zodiac sign on its own efforts. The Jade Emperor stipulated that the first arrived animals on the competition day would be selected as the zodiac signs. The pig clearly knew that it was heavy and walked slowly, so it got up in the midnight to line up. However, the pig met many obstacles on the long journey; it exerted all its strength and crawled up to the Heavenly Southern Gate. The competition was over and the pig struggled to beg, other domestic animals also pleaded for it. Finally, the god was moved and let it in, thus the pig became the last zodiac sign. In this way, all of the six domestic animals, namely horse, ox, goat, rooster, dog, and pig, became the Chinese zodiac signs.


 Learn more about 12 Chinese Zodiac

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