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PCBWay Q&A-003 | Common Questions for PCBA Ordering-01

by: Sep 24,2020 2798 Views 1 Comments Posted in PCB Basic Information

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PCB Assembly is one of the main services on PCBWay. Compared with PCB production, PCB assembly process has higher technical requirements and involves more complicated steps. For each step, you might have some questions or something unclear. Today our senior service representative - Angell will be our instructor and explainer to guide us knowing better about PCBWay assembly service.

 Q1:How can we place a PCB assembly order at PCBWay? Is it the same with the PCB order process?

Angell:At PCBWay, we’ve been trying to make everything easier for our clients and minimize their operations, so placing an PCBA order can be very simple and quite similar with the PCB order process - Fill out the basic information, upload the required files, and get the final price to proceed.

Let's check out the assembly quote page, and I'd like to introduce more details to you.

As we can see from the assembly quote page, we have 3 options of component supply: Turnkey, which means PCBWay supplys all the parts; Kitted or consigned, means customers can send their components directly to us; and the last option - Combo, customers provide some parts and we supply the rest. So you can not only provide components by yourself, some or all of them, but also ask us to help source and purchase the parts.

Next, there are some options for us to choose the board type, single piece or panel; and assembly side, your boards need to be assembled for only one side or both sides.

Next thing you need to do is to fill out the related information of your order, like quantity, the number of Unique Parts, SMT pads, through holes, etc. to get the estimated quotation.


Q2:When our clients want PCBWay to supply the parts, can they specify the component supplier ?

Angell: Yes, you can remark the supplier name or add the links of the parts in the BOM if you want to specify any supplier.

Q3:In what case should our clients choose panel or single piece? Is there any big difference ?

Angell: If PCB quantity is more than 20pcs, and single pcb size is less than 50*50mm, then we suggest you panalize the PCBs to facilitate assembly; Max panel size should be less than 460*320mm;


Q4:What’s the minimum quantity of an assembly order ? Can I fill out just 1 piece ?

Angell: Yes, we can do even 1 piece for you, as long as you'd like to pay the set-up fee to program all the machines, and you also have to buy a few extra components, because there will be some components wasted as we're peeling the tape or loading the feeder.


Q5: What's the meaning of Unique Parts ? Is it a must to fill out ?

Angell:It means the number of components types on each board (listed in the BOM). Simply speaking, if one BOM has 15 kinds of parts NO. , then the number of unique parts is 15 too. There may be several designators of same part NO. on one board. It still can be considered as one number of unique parts. Anyway, if you are still not clear about it,you can just leave it blank, since the final price depends on your bom file and we'll check it carefully. You can remark any requirements on the “detailed information of assembly” if you need.After you fill out all the information on the instant quote page, then you will get an estimated price of your order. Then it's time to swipe over to upload all the required files .online.


Q6:What files are needed for a PCBA order ?

Angell: Normally, you need to provide Gerbers file, Parts List (BOM) and Pick&place/Centroid file for a PCBA order.Our engineers will check the files and give you the final accurate quotation in a timely manner. Then you'll get the access to making payment to start the fabrication after the files are passed the audit.


Q7:For the BOM file, what information are required in it ?

Angell: Well, normally, the following content has to be included, like :*MFG Part Number,*Designator,*Quantity and *Footprint.It's surely better that you can provide more information, like:Description: to add components part number, specification, tolerance, etc.Soldering type: to clarify components are ‘SMD’ or ‘THT’.

You can also add your Instructions / Notes: For example, components soldering notes, components polarity or orientation, components soldering temperature, components firmware loading, components testing instruction, components soldering or not soldering(DNP,DNS), customer-supply components or not, etc.


Q8:Do we have a BOM template file so that our clients can more easily build their own BOM file?

Angell: That’s a good questions, once you create a PCB Assembly order and the page skip to the backstage to let you upload your files, you can download the BOM template file. And one thing I have to mention is that we do not accept BOM files in pdf cause it could cause difficulties for our staff to purchase components.


Q9:After BOM is uploaded, how long will it take for us to provide the quotation ?

Angell: Normally, you will receive quotation within 1 business day. However, if there are really a lot of different types of components, it may take longer but not later than next day.


Q10: Some clients want to get quotation for different quantities, how should they do ?

Angell: If you want to get quotation for different quantities, just leave message in the message field to tell us the quantities when you submit order. Your Service Representative will contact you on quotation by email. It's not necessary to submit multiple orders with different quantities again and again.


Q11:Sometimes the client may update their Gerber or BOM files after they place an order, so what should they do if they want to change something for their Gerber or BOM files ?

Angell: If you have any update with the Gerber or BOM file, just send the latest file to your Service Representative. If there are just a few slight changes, you can just tell your Service Rep the the changes directly, and don’t need to create another new order online.


Q12:Are all the boards assembled by SMT machine?

Angell: Not really. For prototypes or assembly with just few components totally, we usually solder the THT components manually; for small batch production (50pcs to 200pcs) or mass production, we have to assemble the boards by machine. If you have any special request on this, you can also make the note about it when you submit the SMT order.


Q13: Should I submit a stencil order for SMT assembled boards made by PCBWay?

Angell: There is no need to submit a stencil order because we will make stencil accordingly by default.


Q14: Angell, based on your years of work experience, do you have anything else to elaborate on SMT orders?

Angell: If there is a component that closes to the PCB edges with less than 3mm spacing, please add the edge rails more than 3mm. For the single PCB, if total soldering points are more than 200 or PCB size is more than 150*150mm, it’s Ok to make the assembly on the single PCBs directly.

In addition, please add fiducially marks on the panel and single PCB, so it'll be easy to fix the accuracy by our SMT machine.

Last but not least, we’re currently having the promotion of free worldwide shipping for assembly orders. So just don’t miss it!

If you have any questions about your orders, just leave a comment below or send a message to feedback@pcbway.com.

Project Planning:Simon

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