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About Price Reduction of 4-layer & 6-layer PCBs

by: Aug 05,2022 9707 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

Multilayer PCB

Since PCBWay moved to the new factory, after a year of adjustment, our production capacity and efficiency have been greatly improved. In order to give back to our customers for their support, we decide to adjust the price of PCB:

1. Up to 20% discount for 4-layer PCBs and 6-layer PCBs

2. Bulk order prices also dropped, and quotation of large-scale orders can be negotiated

3. For 1-6 layer PCB, “min Track/Spacing 5/5mil” or “Min Hole Size 0.25mm” design will get a big discount.

For the questions you may concern:

Q:When does the event start and who can get the discount?

A:From 5th,Aug and all PCBWay customers could enjoy the discount

Q: Can the PCB quality be guaranteed when the price is reduced ?

A: PCBWay always puts quality in the first place and will surely not sacrifice quality for low price. We will still use Tg150 or above base material after the price is reduced.

Q: Will there be insufficient production capacity during the event and result in delayed delivery?

A: After PCBWay moved to the new factory, the production capacity of multi-layer PCB can be as high as tens of thousands of square meters per month. And we purchased VLP-270 and other machines, which can fully guarantee the lead time.

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