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PCBWay's New Factory—— Provide You a Better Service

by: Aug 24,2021 593 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

After several months' relocation and adjustment, our factory finally move to "new home" ! Please let us take you to roam our new factory. 

The staff can be seen in a hurry immediately on the first floor. This is the place responsible for cutting, drilling, etching and copper plating! The ground is clean and free of scale, with automatic copper deposition and plating equipment, 70 minutes of drawing electricity, and after multiple processes of tempering, the thickness of hole copper and surface copper far exceeds the industry standard.

Walk into Building 33 and go directly to the second floor! That's our delivery department, and your courier is placed in the paper boxes which are placed neatly in layers. You can also see that the staff are busy packing and sending express delivery for the products of customers.

Go up one more floor, and that's where the marketing department is located. Indoor office supplies and various appliances are stored in order. Today, we are also working hard and serving customers wholeheartedly!

Going up the stairs is the main artery of our company-PCB board making workshop! Many large machines are in place and "stand" here neatly and orderly. Clean ground and machine surface, which is the place to ensure the quality of products that customers need, our staff also cleaned strictly according to the requirements!

Turn around and enter building 32 next door. The second floor is responsible for LDI laser exposure of the line. The integrated production equipment effectively controls the line to be small, slightly short, and has unclean etching. The minimum line width and line distance can reach 4mil. AOI optical inspection eliminates all hidden quality problems.

The third floor of Building 32 is the solder mask and character processing workshop. In this place, our company adopts automatic solder mask printing and baking in multi-temperature zone for 80 minutes to ensure solder mask uniformity and adhesion, and comprehensively solve the risk of red copper exposure in the hole ring!

Then go upstairs and get to the location where SMT is processed. The fourth floor belongs to SMT patch, and the fifth floor is responsible for post-soldering DIP plug-in, three-proof paint, test and assembly, etc., which can be basically solved for you at the 4th-5th floor of 32 buildings! The staff here can't be careless. They wear dust caps and shoe covers on their feet to ensure that there will be no hair falling in the workshop, which will affect the product quality.

Before the products are shipped, the boards should still be sent to the fifth floor for flying needle testing or automatic electrical testing, so as to prevent all open circuits and short circuits. Ensure that every board delivered to customers is a qualified product.

This is our "new home". Thanks to all customers for their great support and cooperation during the relocation and commissioning. We have resumed work in an all-round way and the delivery capacity has been restored one after another! Welcome new and old customers to place orders!

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