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Partnership Creates PCB Power Integrity Tool

by: May 23,2014 1864 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

printed-circuit board (PCB) PCB DESIGN

Altium and Nimbic are working together to introduce Nimbic’s power integrity tool into its printed-circuit board (PCB) design tool, Altium Designer, to create a new power integrity solution, Altium PI-DC.

Altium PI-DC can validate dc voltage and current performance before prototype and production. Power delivery issues can be avoided and potential failure points can be easily identified. This includes high via currents that could cause fusing, or high-resistance neck-down regions resulting in excessive voltage drop.

Built from the ground up, Altium PI-DC is based on Nimbic’s specialized 3D full-wave electromagnetic solver. It is designed to address the requirements of large-scale power integrity problems. Altium claims the tool delivers fast solution times without compromising on accuracy.

Altium PI-DC integrates into Altium Designer as an optional extension. Nets for analysis are selected in Altium Designer with dc voltage drop and current density results displayed directly over the layout. Issues can be identified and fixed without guesswork about what layout structure might be responsible.

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