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PCB Thermal Design

by: Apr 10,2014 1000 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB design printed circuit board

Complete PCB thermal design verification almost 3-times faster

Mechanical engineers are turning to Mentor’s PCB thermal analysis software to facilitate collaboration and ensure thermal problems are solved before concept commit, leading to the drastic reduction in late-cycle rework.

If components need to be moved to improve thermal performance or allow space for heatsink attachment, a board re-spin will be required. Experience suggests that re-spin will follow re-spin unless thermal design is considered up-front.

Companies that use Mentor’s PCB thermal analysis software have been independently found to complete thermal design verification almost 3-times faster than those that don’t.

PCB thermal analysis software streamlines concept development of printed-circuit boards while ensuring good thermal design and accelerating the PCB design process. It promotes a conceptual design process that is derived from the functional block diagram.

Changes made to the functional block diagram are instantly reflected in the physical layout and thermal representations thereby keeping all team members in sync. The result is pre-optimized concepts in less time and drastic reductions in late-cycle rework as all issues are solved before concept commit.

PCB Thermal Design Simulation Benefits:
Minimize risk of multiple board “re-spins” due to thermal problems
Understand the thermal behavior of your designs with powerful visualization tools
Address major inefficiencies in the PCB design process

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