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PCB Development History

by: Jan 16,2014 469 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB Development Printed Circuit Board-PCB Flex PCB

Printed circuit board-PCB half a century this has been the existence of the industry, the rise and fall several times, the changes in the product cycle, electronic products today is still the indispensable one of the main components.

The early 1950s, the copper clad laminates and laminated copper foil adhesion strength and resistance welding of the issues have been settled, its performance is stable and reliable, and the achievement of the major industrialized production. Copper etching of a PCB manufacturing technology mainstream. Start is one-sided PCB, to the metal of the 1960s-double-sided PCB to achieve a large-scale production, the 1970s the rapid development of multi-layer PCB, and has kept the high-precision, high-density, thin holes, high reliability, low cost and automated continuous production direction. 1980s, the PCB surface mount (SMT) gradual replacement cartridge-PCB, a mainstream production. The 1990s, surface mount further from the Quad Flat Package (QFP) to the ball grid array package (BGA), high-density BGA Indian plate have quickly developed.

Early single panel from the invention, and then with electroless plating is the application of the methodology of a real pair of panels, as well as breakthrough in polymer materials because, electricity demand in the light of the short trend of electronic products Multilayer caused by the soft plate and Flex PCB development, and in recent years HDI (High Density Interconnect) board of the high demand, the circuit board is a sustainable development of high-tech products.

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