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11 Highlights of PCBWay's Unusual 2020.

by: Jan 04,2021 1287 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

2020 PCBWay highlights

Dear All PCBWayers,

2020 is an unusual year for all of us. Back to February, under the great control of the epidemic and on the premise of safety, our factory resumed production. Thanks for all the warm care and encouragement from our PCBWayers during the outbreak of COVID-19. At the same time, we collect and sent free masks for pcbwayers to express our sincere gratefulness. We always believe that we can conquer it together. Let us pay tribute to the hard-won good life. Let’s see what happened this year in PCBWay.

1.Quick-order PCB       

This year, we have launched the Quick-order PCB service. So that you can upload gerber files & autofill parameters. The system will automatically fill in the data according to the file.

2.“Question” & “GiftShop” 

“Question” and “GiftShop” have move to PCBWay Community page.

3.HDI / FPC become a new star

HDI and FPC is becoming more and more popular among PCBWayers.

4.Now I Write Articles in PCBWay  

We hold the activity of writing articles in PCBWay. It should be proud to be a maker, so don’t hesitate to show yourself in our community. 

5.PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest  

We finished the PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest, thanks for all the great projects designed by our participants. It is really a Maker's Feast.

6.New Special PCB Technologies   

Many new special PCB technologies are launched in PCBWay this year. Such as impedance control, HDI blind buried hole, and multi-layer special stack-up structure etc. Stay tuned for more production technology updates.

7.6th Anniversary Celebration  

This is PCBWay’s 6th year, we are honored that PCBWayers can celebrate this anniversary with us together.

8.PCBWay Channel   

Many PCBWayers must have noticed that we launched the new channel this year. Every week, we will publish the video about Q&A and innovation&implementation. Check It Now.

9.European Exclusive Route Logistic 

PCBWay has launched European Exclusive Route Logistic--- PCBWayExpress. With this service, people in UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy can enjoy one-stop logistics service.

10.Christmas BIG SALE  

We have prepared many surprise in the Year-End Big Sale. PCBWay beans, coupons, arduino modules, amazon gift cards, drones and three cute XMAS badges etc. Hope you didn’t miss it.

11.Christmas Trip

PCBWay Team spent great time in Sanya and Ha’erbin with their parents during the Christmas holiday. 

2020 is the 6th year of PCBWay, we are very appreciate for your supports and trusts all the time.

Makers make the world better. Don’ forget you are always welcomed to share your ideas in PCBWay community! Now, 2021 is coming, wish you all a Happy New Year!


PCBWay Team

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