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  2. We Are Growing!!! 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019

We Are Growing!!! 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019

by: Jan 08,2020 3841 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

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Dear PCBWayers,

Happy New Year. It is a great honour to have you in our community and PCBWay is moving forward with new goals. Looking back at 2019, "Growing" has been running through this extraordinary year. The following is 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019.

1. こんにちは、ついにオンラインになりました。

PCBWay.jp is online that is great news for PCBWayers in Japan.

2. Pro service , Advanced PCB comes out.

High-end PCB Manufacturer with multilayer, HDI, Rogers, High Tg FR4, IPC2 and IPC3. Learn more>>

3. PCB Assembly Sale.

$30 for SMT order with FREE shipping and it’s available in the New Year as well.

4. FPC becomes the new sex.

Flexible PCB and Flex-rigid PCB become more popular among PCBWayers. Ordering now you would have extra 15% off and only for $111. Try it now>>

5. Online Gerber Viewer.

PCBWay launched the Online Gerber Viewer. Let’s have a try!!!

6. PCBWayer Bazaar is introduced into PCBWay Gift Shop.

From now on, you can sell your own awesome products directly in Gift Shop. From another perspective, you can also buy many excellent works from other PCBWayers here.

7. PCBWay celebrate its 5th anniversary.

2019 is PCBWay’s 5th year. We are very appreciate you accompany us and look forward to the another 5 years.

8. PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest is starting.

We’re calling on PCBWayers across the globe to build cool PCB projects and are offering over $5000 in total prizes. “Bring Your Idea To Life” is the new theme of PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest. Your project will no longer just exist on the web, you will have the opportunity to make it a physical product and even a business which will be sold on various platforms, including PCBWayer Bazaar. Join now!!!

9. PCBWay becomes Arduino.cc official distributor.

Since PCBWay has become Arduino.cc official distributor and you can get certified arduino products in our gift shop.

10. Meet PCBWay At Productronica Messe München 2019

11. Meet PCBWay At HKTDC 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

12. Hacker trip to PCBWay factory.

We are so honored to have hackers from HTTC2019(Hacker Trip to China) which is led by Mitch Altman came to visit our assembly factory in Kengzi.

13. Call for projects of I Can Solder kit.

While STEAM education is in full swing around the world, PCBWay also wants to further promote its development through our own featured services in PCBWay Community, “Shared Project” and “PCBWayer Bazaar”. I CAN SOLDER kit is chosen because it’s an important part of STEAM education. Mastering certain soldering skill will help teenagers learn electronic technology better and enhance their hands-on skills.

14. An Unforgettable Educational Visit Led by Dr. John Roeloffs

John Roeloffs, a professor from Rotterdam University of Applied Science took his students to visit our Kengzi PCB factory, PCB Assembly factory and Shajing PCB factory. We are very glad to have our friends visit our factories.

15. Yearly biggest Christmas promotion - Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival.

As your loyal partner, PCBWay has also been preparing for Christmas events, and I hope to celebrate the festival with PCBWayers around the world. This year's Christmas gifts are 3 Christmas badges, in the shape of ball, star and reno (Special thanks Jorge for such amazing designs).

The New Year is the new beginning of new ventures and new projects. Let’s continue to see success as we did this year. Wishing all my employees and PCBWayers a very happy and prosperous new year.


PCBWay Team


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