USB Power Controller with WiFi

Hello there. I am Nurullah. Electronic Engineering student in Turkey. My English is not very good, so please excuse me if I make a grammatical mistake. I have a great interest in electricity and electronics from a young age. I am constantly trying to improve myself in this regard. About a year ago I started to be interested in smart home technologies. I also design circuits and projects for different types of hobby / leisure. In this project,

In this project, I designed a card to remotely control USB powered devices. I used a wifi module for communication and a mosfet in the SOT-223 package to control power. In this way, I can remotely turn off and on my printer, camera, chargers and similar devices in case of an unwanted situation.

I hope you will like it :)

I wish you healthy days ...

My instagram and youtube accounts:ı6101qxolh_ysao60q

My Youtube channel has just opened. I am trying to improve :)

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Aug 27,2020
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