Hello there. I am Nurullah. Electronic Engineering student in Turkey. My English is not very good, so please excuse me if I make a grammatical mistake. I have a great interest in electricity and electronics from a young age. I am constantly trying to improve myself in this regard. About a year ago I started to be interested in smart home technologies. I also design circuits and projects for different types of hobby / leisure. In this project,

I designed a card to use the ESP12 module comfortably. Since the ESP12 module is a smd package, it is not easy to program it alone. It can be easily programmed by soldering POGO PIN instead of ESP-12 on the board. A printable plastic piece covering the POGO PINs and the ESP-12 module will act as a clamp between the ESP and the pins. Thanks to the headers on the card, it can be tested whether the project produced works or not. If desired, this card can be used to program other cards. I designed this card to finish my projects with minimum errors and risks.

I hope you will like it :)

I wish you healthy days ...

My instagram and youtube accounts:ı6101qxolh_ysao60q

My Youtube channel has just opened. I am trying to improve :)

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Aug 09,2020
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