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T12 DIY Soldering Iron

This is a very cheap project, around 15$ for all the parts.

You can use your T12 soldering iron tip like ts100 soldering iron.

If you don't have a T12 soldering iron tip you can buy from the links down below.

Below we have the schematic for this board. To supply it we use a type mini B USB connector. That is connected to the power MOSFET but also to some pads for the buck converter so we could get 5V for the other microchips. We have 2 push buttons to set the temperature and other settings, a vibration sensor for the sleep mode and the ATmega328p AU microcontroller.

IMPORTANT!!! There are a few more pads for the UART connection so we could program the board. See that the board has no SPI connection, so the ATmega328 chip must have a bootloader, otherwise, we won't be able to burn one later.

Parts List:

1 x ATmega328pAU: LINK eBay

1 x USB connector: LINK eBay

1 x 16MHz crystal: LINK eBay

2 x SS12 Schottky diode: LINK eBay

1 x 2SC3356 NPN BJT: LINK eBay

2 x 1k Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

5 x 10k Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

1 x 1M Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

1 x 200k Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

2 x 2k Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

3 x 200 Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

1 x 43k Resistor 0603: LINK eBay

1 x 2.2nF 0603 Capacitor g: LINK eBay

3 x 100nF 0603 Capacitor: LINK eBay

3 x PCB clip for fuse: LINK eBay

1 x LM358 8SOP OPAMP: LINK eBay

2 x 90º Side push button: LINK eBay

1 x Vibrate sensor: LINK eBay

1 x i2c OLED 128x32: LINK eBay

1 x IRF4905S MOSFET: LINK eBay

1 x T12 tip: LINK eBay

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Apr 06,2021
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