OSIP Project (Open Source Instrumentation Platform)

OSIP project is a DIY and a budget friendly alternative to modular lab test equipments that are currently in the market. This project has been in development since 2021. Our team consists of three students from Bursa Erkek Lisesi in Turkey.

We want to design and create a precise and reliable equipment platform that can be used in production, R&D, education and scientific research. It is designed to be upgradable by the end user thanks to the easy communication interface used in the backplane. As to show how easy it is to design and implement new modules, we had designed a 6.5 digit DMM module around a 24-bit ADC and RP2040 MCU. For price our design costs as much as 10 times less that of the equivalent competitors. There are some photos taken from the CAD model of the OSIP project including 6.5 digit dmm, backplane and also the equipment itself.

We're currently getting ready to apply for the "Create The Future Hardware Design Contest" and we would like to roll out a few prototypes to confirm our concept for the design before the competition. We're currently in need of some parts, power supplies along with the

PCB's that are custom designed for this project by our team and this is where PCBWAY and it's Sponsorship Program for students comes in. We're looking forward to getting support from PCBWAY.

Have my contact and social media in the link here: https://linktr.ee/arda_bildik

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Mar 14,2023
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