Sumo Robot Card

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

Hello, I'm Poyraz and 12. My project is a sumo card. In my country(Turkey), when we buy a sumo card, the sellers say: You must a Arduino Nano buy. But this card, there's got a Arduino and USB.

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

This is 3D view for my card:


My card is 16MHz. The MCU is Atmega328. The UART Bridge is MCP2200. and the motor driver is L298. The motor driver can giving 2A current. You can connect 2 line sensor and 3 MZ80. You can use this card with Li-Po.


8x Termanal blocks

1x USB Port

1X Atmega328AU

1x MCP2200



1x 0.47ohm 5W resistor

2x 10uf capacitors

2x 220ohm resistors

1x 10K resistor

1x 1K5 resistor

4x 22pf capacitors

1x Button

1x 470nf capacitor

2x LEDs

2x Crystals

### Words to PCBWay

I want PCB and stencil($25). When you helped me, Iuse my card and In my card, There's got a logo for you.. 


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Jul 26,2018
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  • I think it is goo idea. But. You should improve your PCB before production Here is some tips 1) WERY IMPORTANT - crystal layout. DC motor are make a lot of noice in power rail. You nead GNG poligon under Atmega chip, It should have only ONE wire connection to power GND. 2) Make VCC and GND connection to motor driver using poligons (minimum width 10mm). 4Amps it is big current. 03mm is not enough. 3) Crystal PCB layout of MCP2200 nead to be review too. PCB - it is not just a connectons. If you make mistakes in layout - you have very big chance to get random cpu reboot during the board runs on robot chassis.

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