Raspberry pi pico based CNC plotter

Rasberry pi pico based CNC plotter


My name is Abelmathews. Iam a high school student. I like to make electronics and robotics items.

I have so many assignments to do in school. It has a lot of pictures to draw. My hand writing is also

not good. So i decided to make a cnc plotter. It will help us to draw pictures and write assignments

with attractive fonts. At the end of March 2022 i will complete my work of CNC plotter.

CNC Plotter

I am using two 28byj-48 unipolar stepper motor to do this project. And i am using two Uln2003 stepper

motor driver ic for driving the unipolar stepper motor. I am using 12v lithium ion battery for power supply

Then i am using 7805 voltage regulator to regulate 12v to 5v. The 5 v power suppy is required for this project.

We want 12v charger of charging the lithium ion battery. We want a microcontroller board for control all

of the components used in this project. I will use rasberry pi pico for better perfomance.

The materials which we want to make CNC plotter

Rasberry pi pico [1 peice]

ULN2003 Ic [2 peices]

28BYJ-48 Stepper motor [2 peices]

7805-Voltage regulator ic [1 peice]

1K-Ohm resistor [3 peices]

RGB 4Pin common cathode led [1 peice]

1N4007 Diode [1peice]

GT2 Timing pulley [4 peices]

GT2 Timing belt 1 metre [2 peices

300mm long metal rod [4peices]

Wood peice 100cm x 50cm large wood peice

I orderd some electronics components and reqired materials for this project from online. But i didn't

buy the rasberry pi pico because it was out of stock in the store . When i contacted the store and i

asked when the rasberry pi pico came back to the store . The seller said to me the rasberry pi pico

will be in stock soon but more expensive than the old one. Then i decided to buy it few days later when

the price go down. After 5 days the orderd items was delivered. but i did not bought rasberry pi pico.

if any one can, pleace sponsor a rasberry pi pico. Any way pcbway, pleace sponsor pcb for my project.

Step by step making

First i started cutting the wood peice 35 x 25 cm from the large wood peice for base.

Then i cutted two wood peices 6 x 6 cm and i fixed the wood peice in two sides of base wood.

Then i fixed the metal rod in to the base and i maded a half model of plotter and i painted it

Then i want to fix wood peices, motors, balance materials to the model.

Before it i want sponsored pcb of pcbway.

After getting the pcb i will complete my work.

After completing the work. I will upload the video in my youtube channel.


This is my first video in my youtube channel after completing my work i will upload the video.

PCBWay pleace sponsor pcb for my project.

Kindly i am saying, pleace provide free shipping.

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May 03,2022
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