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PAC Baja embedded system 202X

About the team


With over 20 years of experience, the PAC Baja team

currently has 54 students from Unesp in Bauru. Participating of all the

competitions promoted by SAE Brasil, the team is divided into administrative

and project areas, totaling 13 sectors.

We are a team that takes human development seriously

in research and interpersonal management during all stages that permeate the

production of an off-road prototype, called baja.

Baja is a cage-type tubular single-seat chassis

vehicle, that have four wheels, and is built to traffic rough terrain with the

most varied types of obstacles, in addition to being ideal for sports disputes.

We go beyond classrooms when the need for innovation

in the modern world finds housing in our daily lives.



About our project


The project consists, initially, in validate

mechanical projects from the prototype, that is built to overcome obstacles and

meet the requirements of torque and power tested at the competition.

We need a board to optimize these validations, because

with more accurate connections we’ll can have minor errors.

We also have a central that acquire data during

competition and helps our pilot and the team members to take better decisions.

The last project had data like speed, engine RPM, fuel level and temperature in

the CVT. All in one UCE, an evolution in relation to the last years, when we

used two centrals to process the data cited. This was possible when replacing

the microcontroller to STM32F103 (blue pill).

To the new project, we’ll keep the used and validated

data, in addition to providing more inputs for sensors, like I2C to

accelerometers, analog inputs to obtain pedals positions and SPI inputs to

another sensors.

To perform data sampling more efficiently, we are

developing a high brightness and low consumption display, that will have a lot

of SMD LEDs. For a better visibility, we need a board with 20 x 15 cm, and only

with PCBWay partnership we’ll achieve a high level with this display.

A perfect fabrication service is essential to keep us

on top, and let us to achieve better and better positions.

Best regards,

Victor Fuganholi

Electronics member - PAC Baja Team


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