PAC Baja Team

About the team

The PAC BAJA Team of the Paulista State University "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" (UNESP) is a group led by Brazilian students that focuses on the design and construction of a prototype of mini baja for world, national and regional competitions. In our last competition our project was contemplated with the placement among the 10 best teams in Latin America, historical positioning for our team. In addition, our Electronics sector was the third best in Latin America.

Our team has 57 members organized in 12 sectors: Data Acquisition, Structural Calculation, Chassis and Composites, Design, Electronics, Finance, Brakes, People Management, Powertrain, Quality, Public Relations and Marketing, Suspension and Direction. They all work together to build, from scratch, the prototype of our car.

About our project

Our electronic team has the job of developing our own custom electronics, including all embedded systems, like sensors, printed boards, microcontrollers and the electric whip.

We have a distributed embedded system that uses two different ECUs. The rear ECU is responsible for data like RPM, fuel level and CVT’s temperature. The front ECU works to receive data from the back and calculate speed, besides sending all this data to the datalogger and to the display, in order to show important information to the pilot.

All of these features only work with a perfect made PCB. We have tried to manufacture our own board, but the results weren’t good. Although the board was working well, it had some problems we had to solve.

In the last season we bought our PCBs from PCBWay, and the results were amazing!! Everything worked exactly as planned and our team achieved an 3º place at the National competition against another electronic teams from all Bajas in Brazil. Because of this success, we would love the keep using the services and products from PCBWay, and the partnership would help us to keep our expenses within the expected.

Best regards,

Bruna Rohde

Marketing and PR - PAC Baja Team

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Jun 17,2019
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