Inteligent electronic load using ST-Nucleo-L432KC

My goal is to create simple electronic load. Requirements are 2 chanels, power monitoring, constant voltage mode, constant current mode, constant power mode. The device should also be able to discharge batteries, monitor power drained and stop discharging when threshold voltage is reached. Each channel should be able to handle 5 amps with possibility for future upgrade.

As the brain of this device was choosen ST-Nucleo-L432KC development board. Its 2 DACs will be used to drive power transistors. Two ACS712 breakout boards will be used for current monitoring. These ICs use hall effect sensor for current sensing and are aviable in up to 30A wariant. This will allow easy future improvments by simply swaping the ACS712 and power transistor for better ones. Transistors will be mounted on actively cooled heatsink with tremparature monitoring. User interaction will be acomplished with 84*84 LCD and incremental rotary encoder.


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Sep 03,2018
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