DIY Nanoleaf Triangle (mini)

While i was in between houses, i was watching a lot of DIY nanoleaf projects but none of them really stood out.

So i want to make a DIY Nanoleaf solution that everyone can afford (by doing it themselves) most important part is i want to make different versions for the different types of people in the world. the ones that can Solder, the ones that cannot, the ones that have the ability to program a ESP device and the ones that cannot. so in short everyone deserves beautiful lighting options in the game room, study or bedroom without the big pricetag but with the satisfaction of building it yourself.

I am an starting YouTube creator with an IT background and love to keep my mind in shape by learning new things, i hope in achieving this by looking at products i like and make my DIY version of it.

for this projects i have come up with some different pcb’s to make an awesome version of the Nanoleaf Triangle Mini:

This part will be placed on three sides of the triangle to connect the LED’s in a closed loop and connect them to the other triangles.

i used one in the DIY controller part to.

This is the controller pcb i created for the persons that do not want to solder everything together with wires.

You put a Wemos D1 Mini on here and flash it with arduino or WLED (i prefer WLED, it comes in a complete package.)

if you want to do less soldering and hook all the leds up as one you can use this board, if you order this in white it also reflects the light better.

now for the crème de la crème:

If you do not want to solder the led’s or connections just use this board, led’s are placed in the corners with the connectors in the middle, the led’s are connected in a circle with an in and out signal. This can be ordered assembled by PCBWay.

the 3D printer parts:

I made different base parts because of the choices you can maken in pcb’s:

the left is for the pcb with everything on board the right is for the connectors where you need to solder the leds on.

this is the cover for the version where you solder the leds, the thicker part covers the leds so you do not see the leds but only the diffused light in the middle, the version for the onboard leds has a bigger output in the middle.

controller box that you can just like the originals one attach to any side of the triangle.

there is a different model for the pcb with everything on it.

If you do not have a 3D printer PCBWay can hook you up with amazing printed parts ;)

When i have al the parts, i will make a series on how to put them all together just like the other videos i linked below !!

to give you an impression on what i made before:

DIY Nanoleaf Lines

DIY Nanoleaf Lines - Process from start to end

DIY Nanoleaf (Hexaleaf)

DIY Nanoleaf

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Jul 30,2022
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