DIY Nanoleaf Triangle (Aurora)

After a succesfull build of the Nanoleaf Triangle Mini

i am going for the new challenge: The Nanoleaf Triangle (Aurora)

but instead of what i did with the mini's i do not want to make them one piece. that will be to expensive for everyone to make and order.

so i designed a modular build to solder all the parts together using via2pads.

the linkers are soldered to so when you put it all together it will not fall apart or have bad connections (unless we soldered it wrong.

the middle part is universal on each side, so based on you design you need three on each triangle.

then we have the cornes with the led's i made two itterations of these i do not know yet wich will give the best lighting effect, but also you need 3 of these in each traingle.

Here comes the tricky part the connectors, to keep the corners small and panelizable i added a connector between the cornes and middle part, on these connectors you can choose if the signal is comin in or going out. i used a solder jumper to make this choice. this way you can choose where the out signal comes from. (you need 6 per triangle)

and finally to controll it all we need a controller board, i added a pushbutton to the design (you don't have to use this)

this will result in a sturdy build with inward facing led's so no hotspots will appear.


in my next video i want to review you boards including handling of panelized boards, how to order panelized boards and how to order panelized boards with your assembly service, i will put links in the descript_ion and brand placement in the video's (including unboxing and full quality review).

About me:

I am an starting YouTube creator with an IT background and love to keep my mind in shape by learning new things, i hope in achieving this by looking at products i like and make my DIY version of it.

to give you an impression on what i made before:

DIY Nanoleaf Lines

DIY Nanoleaf Lines - Process from start to end

DIY Nanoleaf (Hexaleaf)

DIY Nanoleaf

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Sep 09,2022
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