Automatic Soil Irrigation

Hello to everyone,

We are doing an automatic soil irrigation project....

Your plants are safe with this project. It will work when you are not at home or when you forget water. It's a simple project and anyone can do it.

Our project; After measuring the humidity of the soil by using sensors and arduino, it works on the basis of keeping the soil at the specified moisture level by activating the irrigation system if it remains below the specified moisture value.

Purchase site:

The materials we have used are:

1pc 12V water motor

1 pcs max 12V adjustable adapter

1 Arduino UNO R3

1 soil moisture sensor (FC-28)

1 single channel Arduino relay module

I used this site:

How does the FC 28 Soil Moisture Sensor Work?

The soil moisture sensor consists of two probes used to measure the volumetric content of water. The two probes allow current to flow through the soil, which gives the resistance value to measure the moisture value.

When there is water, the soil consumes more electricity, meaning there will be less resistance. Dry soil makes electricity poor, so less water means more resistance. The sensor produces an analog or digital signal depending on the differentiation of these resistance values.

I used this site:

This sensor can be connected in analog and digital modes.

Input Voltage: 3.3--5V

Output Voltage: 0--4.2V

Input Current: 35mA

Output Signal: both analog and digital


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Dec 30,2020
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