Mosfet Driver& Controller

Hello to everyone,

I will share two different designs together. One is the controller circuit. Arduino nano was used. LM2576 has 3A regulator circuit. Bluetooth module and display pins are available. The Mosfet card is made directly on the main board with a pin.

In the Mosfet circuit IRF3205 110A mosfets were used. The HIP4080A mosfet driver integrated was used. The Mosfet circuit is designed to be plugged directly on the main board. There is a fuse pin on it, current can be adjusted according to request.

The aim of this project can be used in many fields such as military defense, land, search and rescue, bomb destruction. Here is the controller and driver I share.

You can contact us for information and to ask questions.

Thanks PCBWAY ...

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Jun 26,2019
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