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[PCB] Technical data sheet for FPC coverlay materials

Hello. Is there a technical data sheet (TDS) that I can see for the coverlay material and adhesive used for FPC prototypes?

[PCB] Mechanical properties of Flexible PCB (or specific copper and polyimide which is used)

Hi, I ordered FPC from PCBWay which 0.15 mm thickness ( 1/3 oz copper, 2-layer min. track width 0.06mm)I will use this FPC in my senior project, but i need mechanical properties like density, you...

[PCB] Will Flex PCB, FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry?

Hello, PCBWayers,Will Flex PCB #FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry? Open to discuss.

[PCB] 2 layer Flexible PCB order

Hi! I have an order for 2 layer Flexible PCB. Would that be processed during the new year vacation (till 18th Feb)? Regards

[PCB] Material used as a stiffener for FPC

I need part number of material or its datasheet that I can use as a stiffener for FPC. Parameters of stiffiner are: Pl's thickness - 100um, adhesive's thickness - 50 um. Thank you
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