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How to generate Gerber from Sprint Layout 6.0

by: Feb 14,2019 36359 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

Sprint Layout Gerber

Summary:       Here are some tips of exporting Gerber files from Sprint-Layout 6.0 software

Because of its high practicability and simple interface, Sprint-Layout is gradually loved by more and more users. Now we're gonna teach you how to generate Gerber files from Sprint-Layout 6.0 step by step, which is actually not that difficult.

  1. Open your .lay6 file in Sprint-Layout 6.0 by clicking "File" -->"Open"

Sprint 1.png

2. Export Gerber files: Click "File" --> "Export" --> "Gerber Export" to export the Gerber files with different required layers first. For 2 layer PCB, we need export the following layers:








Sprint 2.png

3. Export Drill file : Click "File" --> "Export" --> "Drill data(Excellon).." to generate drill file we need.

Sprint 3.png

More details set as below :

Sprint 4.png

4. Compress all files into .zip and send it to our online quote system for placing the order after checking it on PCBWay online Gerber viewer.

Note: If you are using FREE version of Sprint-Layout 6.0 and has no right to export files, or if you have any difficulties with generating Gerber files, you can just feel free to send the .lay6 to our service staff service@pcbway.ru , we'd like to offer some help :)

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