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4 important tips for PCBWay 24-Hour Express Service

by: Aug 02,2018 4959 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

24-hour express pcbway pcb manufacturing

Summary:       24-Hour Express Order's Production & Delivery Timetable

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Since PCBWay launched 24-Hour Express Service, it has brought much benefit for some customers who often have urgent PCB projects on their agenda. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that it also has brought some complaint from some customers whose orders are delayed. It is precisely because of the special nature of the urgent orders, so that these customers' complaints are particularly critical. As shown by data, most “delay” was caused by misunderstanding the 24-Hour Express.

1. So, first of all, define PCBWay 24-Hour Express Service. The time span is from production start to production complete. Please note that it is not counted from the time of your payment.

2. Payment is supposed to be done before 18:00 (GMT+8), or production arrangements will be postponed one day.

3. For some great festivals, PCBWay will announce the holiday arrangement at least half a month earlier. In order to avoid the impact to your express order, please pay more attention to the notification at the top of homepage and our social media, Facebook(@pcbway), Instagram(@pcbway), Twitter(@pcbwayofficial) to arrange your order schedule.

4. After-sale warranty: If your express order is failed to complete on time, PCBWay will unconditionally refund.



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