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Q&A-005 | About PCBWay ACCOUNT

by: Nov 19,2020 1649 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Basic Information

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When placing your orders,especially the first new order, you might encounter some questions related to your PCBWay account. Today, we invite Wendy, one of our senior customer service representitive to help you answer some of your most concerned questions about ACCOUNT!

Q1: Wendy, the first question is very easy but cannot be bypassed. That is how to register on PCBWay?

Wendy: Well, it couldn’t be easier. Just click "Join in" at the top right corner of the homepage or any other PCBWay pages. All you need to do is entering your email address and set a login password, then you can start shopping!

BTW, please make sure of the correctness of your email address, our system currently only recognizes English letters.


Q2: Wendy, in some cases, I know it doesn’t happen often, some clients cannot sign in to PCBWay account. What do you think might be the cause of it ?

Wendy: To sign into your account, please make sure you enter the correct registered email address and password. The password is sensitive, so please check if here’s Capitation issue and also make sure here are no extra blank spaces in the password.

Here are some other solutions for your reference in case you don’t resolve the issue by method above:

a. Delete cookies or change your browser to try again.

b. Try the Password Retrieval process

c. If you encounter an error message saying, “Sorry, you are not authorized to sign into this account”, then please contact our customer service representative to find a solution.

Last but not least, don't forget to check your email inbox, as you may have missed some important information regarding your account.


Q3: Sometimes our clients may find the account is unavailable when logging in, what should they do when this situation happens?

Wendy: There might be the following reasons for your account to be unavailable:


Deactivated due to trading rules violation

Your account was temporarily locked due to security reasons.

In these cases, we suggest you to get in touch with your sales representative to confirm if there is any problem.


Q4: Then Wendy, can our clients change their registered email address?

Wendy: Yes, sure. You can change your email address through your sales representative. However, considering the safety of your account, it’s not advised to do it too often.


Q5: Wendy, if a client wants to create a new account by using an existing registered email address, can this be achieved?

Wendy: You mean one email address for multiple accounts?

Lesley: Exactly.

Wendy: Unfortunately, no. At the moment, each email address can only be bound to one unique PCBWay account for privacy reason.

Q6: And If I have several accounts, could I combine orders which are in different accounts?

Wendy: Unluckily, no. In order to protect customers’ privacy, you're not allowed to combine orders in different accounts.

Because it's very difficult for us to verify that you are the owner of all the accounts. Anyway, if you really want to do so in an urgent need, please contact your service representative for help.


Q7: Wendy, we have the PCBWay Member Club, can you give a brief introduction of it and what are the privileges of our members?

Wendy: The PCBWay Member Club has 6 levels—VIP 0-5. The level you are in determines the benefits & privileges you’re entitled to. All buyers are automatically assigned a membership level once they meet the minimum requirements.

Your reward points are based on your orders. If the points have not yet been rewarded to your account, please check your order status. Your points will be rewarded once your order has been completed.

BTW,one thing to note: You can’t get reward points for the orders which were cancelled.

Our membership levels will also change based on reward points. (读)For different membership levels, you will get different fixed discounts. The more orders you place, the more discount you will get. Moreover, for each group of reward points, there is a corresponding number of PCBWay beans. “PCBWay Beans” can be used to redeem gifts or coupons in our online Shop. So, these are all rewards for our regular customers.


Q8: OK, then what if the reward points have not been added to customers’ accounts?

Wendy: Your reward points are based on the orders you placed and the "PCBWay Answers" you gave to our community.

If the order points have not yet been rewarded to your account, then it might be one of the following factors:

1. Your points are only rewarded once your order has been completed. Please kindly check your order status.

2. Refunded or fraudulent orders will not receive points.

3. Shipping discounts, free gifts, deposits or pre-orders are not eligible to receive points.

4. Orders which are less than $0 USD are not valid to claim reward points.

You can always contact your service rep to for more details as well.


Q9: To let our customers get the latest news of our website in time, we will send some emails from time to time. If they do not want to receive those emails. How should they do?

Wendy: If you no longer want to receive our emails, please go to our website and follow the steps below:

First, sign in to the Account Settings page, then click Notification settings.

Then, you can choose which kind of notifications you no longer want to receive by simply clicking the Save button(s). It can take up to 24 hours before your request is processed.

Please note, some important emails, like dispute notifications, cannot be cancelled.

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