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PCBWay Q&A-001 | Get to Know More about PCBWay Services

by: Aug 20,2020 319 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

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In this series of articles, we will answer the questions that are frequently asked by our clients. And this Q&A 001 is mainly about our full-featured PCB relative services. You can also enjoy our video version below. We invite Daphne, customer service manager who has worked at PCBWay for over 6 years to answer the following questions.

Q1: Could you pls give a brief introduction about the services that PCBWay are offering ?

Daphne: Sure. As we can see from our website, currently we are not only offering Quick PCB prototyping and manufacturing service, but also PCB assembly and design service, which we are proud to say that we can meet your pcb needs totally under one roof.

Q2: What are the general capabilities of PCBWay?

Daphne: We are able to produce up to 14-layer PCB, and have a wide range of services, including HDI boards, Alumium PCB, Flex PCB and Rigid-flex PCB. 

Also we have most choices to customize your boards, based on your special needs on solder mask colors and surface finish processes, etc. What’s more, Some of our advanced PCBs have been widely used in automobile, medical device and aerospace equipments.

You can check more details on our capability page.

Q3: To order PCB and PCBA, what's the minimum quantity?

Daphne: No MOQ actually. But we suggest you to order 5 or 10pcs to enjoy our special offers,and for new customers, you can get a $5 coupon, which can possibly make your first order free.

Q4: What is the order process? Is it complicated?

Daphne: Not at all. All you need to do is just to upload the required files, like Gerber file, BOM file, etc. and fill out other parameters online to customize your boards. Based on our online quote system, you can get the price instantly, so it's quite easy to place an order on our website. Anyway, if you still face any difficulties, just feel free to drop a message to the service representatives, we will reply to you in time.

Q5: What's the PCBWay’s turnaround time? And How do you ensure the on-time shipping?

Daphne: We totally understand our clients’ urgent needs. For PCB prototypes, the production time is normally 24 hours, and you can also choose "Extra Urgent"service which could be as fast as 12 hours only. Besides, flexible shipping methods are also essential , PCBWay has been working with multiple reliable logistics companies , like DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,FedEx,Hongkong Post, China Post Air Mail,epacket, etc. Also, we have pushed out our own PCBWay express method with shorten shipping time at low price.You can choose any one that fits your needs best.

Q6: Can I track production and delivery status after placing an order?

Daphne:: Sure, you can check the real-time production status on the order management page after confirming the order,and we also update the delivery status for all of your orders.

Q7: What should I do when I receive defective boards?

Daphne::All the boards are quality guaranteed on PCBWay, so if you recieve any defective boards, just contact our after-sales team to ask for a solution. Normally, we will make up it by sending a refund or rebuilding the boards.

Q8: Can you introduce more about PCBWay's design service ?

Daphne::From 2017, we've been looking for good R&D companies as our PCB design partners. Now there are over 8 companies settled in PCBWay offering electronics development services.

Q9: How do you charge for the design service?

Daphne:: Different company has different advantages and different pricing. When you fill out the detailed request to our solution page ,our design partners will soon get in touch with you and give the quotations, so you can compare the prices from different service providers to proceed. It's quite time-saving and efficient.

Q10: How can someone become a design partner or distributor of PCBWay?

Daphne:: We are open to cooperation. Just send your request to the following email address (simon@pcbway.com),and we look forward to hearing from you with the ideas for any possible partnership.

Q11: Are there any other features on your website that you wanna introduce?

Daphne: Check out PCBWay community, then you can find thousands of useful shared projects, and the reviews with great reference value from our clients. 

Moreover, there is Gerber viewer for you guys to check your Gerber files before placing an order, and a gift shop where you can purchase pratical gadgets and tools by PCBWay beans. Last, subscribe our blog and Youtube channel to keep updated with the latest news and promotions.

Q12: Can our clients sell their products on PCBWay gift shop?

Daphne: Yes, our gift shop is also a place where our clients can sell their own electronic products. Pricing and stocking quantity can be set by PCBWay or yourself. If you are interested in it, just go to our gift ship for more possibilities.

If you have any questions about your orders, just leave a comment below or send a message to feedback@pcbway.com.

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