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  2. True blue will never strain—PCBWay Opens Its PCB Test Report

True blue will never strain—PCBWay Opens Its PCB Test Report

by: Sep 12,2018 746 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

The thermal stress test of PCB

In mid-May, PCBWay entrusts the third-party Huizhou Lier laboratory to test and report the PCB produced by a factory in Pingshan which is one of the PCB manufacturers of PCBWay.

Huizhou Lier laboratory, belonging to Huizhou Lier industrial Co., LTD, has provided real and objective test results for many domestic manufacturing brands.


The thermal stress test was conducted in the PCB reliability potion center of the laboratory for two day. Refer to the test method of GB/T 4677-2002, and the test conditions are as follows:

1.      Heat the PCB board for two hours at 130 degrees.

2.      Put the PCB board at 288± 3 for 5 time and 10 seconds each time.

Appearance observation and section observation were conducted after thermal stress test.


(The representative appearance is 50 times after thermal stress test)

After the thermal stress test of PCB sample in Huizhou Lier laboratory, the appearance test results showed that there was no obvious blistering, stratification, or other injuries in PCB board produced by PCBWay. Besides, the results of section examination showed that there was no obvious abnormality in the position of round hole of PCB, no fracture in the copper hole and no separation in the hole wall.



(The representative appearance is 400 times after thermal stress test)

The Huizhou Lier laboratory has issued a detailed test report for the PCB samples of PCBWay which has come to the conclusion as following:

1. According to the above experimental data, the base copper of the raw material of PCBWay is the standard 0.5oz (17um) thickness, and its copper thickness is still more than 16um after drilling and passing through the grinding plate, which has achieved A-level.

2. The copper thickness of PCB produced by PCBWay is usually 24.49um-25.76um and the whole copper thickness can be 41.37um to 42.17um, which is uniformity and higher than what the industry average is 35um(1OZ).

3. The copper thickness of the PCB hole reaches 25.27um-28.78um and is uniformly adhered, being higher than the 18-22um specified in the international standard ipc-6012.

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