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TSMC And Seoul Address LED To Solve The SIL Europe Problem

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The Strategies in Light (SIL) Europe conference LED light circuit board kicked off with an Investor Forum and a series of workshops; in the former, LED makers TSMC and Seoul Semiconductor addressed the component sector. TSMC focused on its strategic approach to solid-state lighting (SSL) based on its Phosphor-on-Die (PoD) LED technology. Seoul Semiconductor commented on its progress in gallium-nitride-on-gallium-nitride (GaN-on-GaN) LED technology and on the state of the market.

Jacob Tarn, CEO of TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd, started his presentation by examining the cost structure LED light circuit board of an LED-based A19 lamp, saying that LED make up 40% of the bill of materials (BOM). The more acute problem, according to Tarn, is that the packaging of the LED chip incurs a disproportionately large share of the LED component cost. That realization led TSMC to the PoD concept where phosphor is applied directly to the die at the wafer scale, and the LED manufacturing process is simplified with the flip-chip design able to be soldered directly to a substrate such as a metal-core printed circuit board (MC PCB).

Tarn said that PoD technology has yielded LED light circuit board low thermal resistance, elimination of wire bonds, and a compact footprint among other advantages. The company is offering LED light circuit board the die in 11- and 1.41.4-mm form factors. More sophisticated customers can buy the die, and TSMC will offer the LED on small MC PCB modules and in larger modules with driver electronics and in the future intelligence and controls.

PoD enables new approaches

The bare die offer some interesting design possibilities. Tarn said that the die can be closely packed in arrays virtually a LED light circuit board multi-emitter packaged LED mounted on a substrate such as an MCPCB. Tarn also said that SSL developers will be able to develop a single optics package that can deliver different beam patterns based on the positioning of the PoD LED on a substrate.

Alas, TSMC has not made a significant impact on the LED component space to date despite investing substantial money. Tarn said the R&D investment in epitaxial technology totaled $1.6 billion, covering both the LED and high-power LED light circuit board semiconductor space. The company has studied GaN-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si), GaN-on-GaN, and GaN-on-sapphire architectures, but for now is manufacturing products based on sapphire just as most of the industry is. Tarn said that the company is shipping 10C15 million LED per month.

Where TSMC could have a bigger impact is in the GaN-on-Si area should the company develop a process LED light circuit board that is competitive from an efficacy and lumen output perspective with sapphire approaches. The parent company is the largest contract fabricator of digital ICs, and has plenty of depreciated, automated silicon fabs that could handle the back-end silicon-based LED manufacturing process.

Tarn also provided a glimpse of what is coming from TSMC, showing a slide on tunable lighting products based on the PoD technology. When questioned on the topic, he said that TSMC has a new approach to tunability along with a strategic partner, LED light circuit board and that the platform would formally launch at Light+Building next year.

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