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Speedy Circuits Looks West for More Business Prospects

by: May 15,2014 2400 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

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Speedy Circuits has seen a marked increase in output of prototype PCBs at its board fabrication facility in Taiwan lately due to strong demand from numerous ICT companies. Demand for HDI PCBs in particular has been strong since it beefed up its board fabricating capabilities two years ago with the acquisition of several advanced processing equipment that include Orbotech InCAM systems, Mitsubishi laser drill, Orbotech LDIs, AOI Fussion22, dual X-ray target drilling, via-fill copper plating, screen solder mask direct imaging equipment, and more. The company is currently operating at a 70% capacity utilization rate with its average daily board output rising steadily.

“While our sales in Asia continue to be in good standing, direct clients from the West remain few and far between,” quips Jeremy Chuang, sales and marketing director. He stresses that Speedy is capable of supplying excellent quality boards within the shortest possible lead time. “Our engineering team and production staff have succeeded in bringing our production capability on par with the leading board fabricating service firms in the world.”

Currently the turnaround time for complex 8 to 10-layer HDI-SBU PCB designs (e.g., 2+N+2) based on 250 square-inch board order at its in-house manufacturing facility is seven days. But workflow process improvements are in the offing to reduce further the manufacturing lead time to five working days by the third quarter of this year. “I strongly believe it will help many high-tech companies who are working on tight schedules beat their deadline,” says Chuang.

He, however, admits Speedy Circuits lacks good public relations skills, and sorely needs a point man who will really deliver. In the meantime Speedy’s management is making every effort through online and print media to increase exposure to its company. Just last month, the company subscribed to The PCB List, the world's most definitive online, interactive directory of PCB fabricators. It’s counting on the latter’s global reach to connect with OEMs, EMS companies, and PCB designers and engineers from the U.S. and Canada as well as those from Europe and some parts of Asia. Chuang is confident that despite the distance, decision makers from these regions will appreciate the true value of Speedy Circuits when they entrust their PCB projects to the company.

Speedy Circuits has created a showcase on The PCB List featuring a company video, a list of specs, a brochure, product images, testimonials, and more.

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