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Real-time updates of production during the epidemic

by: Feb 13,2020 35579 Views 119 Comments Posted in News

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Dear PCBWayer,

Our factory has resumed production as planned since February 10,2020. In response to the national policy, and at the same time to ensure the health and safety of all employees, we will conduct safety isolation and observation for some employees for 14 days.

Production capacity (Updated on March 11,2020)

  1. Orders for PCB, SMT and Stencil with all parameter's options are acceptable.
  2. Production is currently proceeding at the fastest speed, and lead time has also been significantly reduced. Now PCB orders can basically achieve 24hours for prototype and 4-5 days for small batches. Some orders with relatively complicated process, the lead time would be longer, please refer to the reviewed quote for specific date. For SMT order, the lead time would be 5-10 days longer than usual, according to specific order specification and assembly process.


  1. It would take more than 25 days for component procurement. Please refer to the reviewed quote for specific date.
  2. Affected by the global epidemic, EMS, China Post and E-packet would take longer time to deliver goods to some countries. DHL and FedEx are operating normally, we recommend you choose them for urgent orders. and E-packet isn't available to USA,Russia, and Japan now. 
  • E-packet is NOT available for the package to Italy, Russia now.

3.The production follows the first-order first-served policy, except for some urgent domestic medical-related orders.


Q: Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China?

A: Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting #2019nCoV.

From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages. 

From World Health Organization(WHO)’s official statement. Moreover, we have implemented strict anti-epidemic measures, such as full-range disinfection every day, staff temperature measurement three times a day, must wear mask during work, etc. We are committed to creating a infection-free working environment and ultimately ensuring safety of staff and product.

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) advice for the public, from WHO.

Why the lead time doesn’t return to normal, even if PCBWay has already started production on schedule?

As we all know, an unexpected Coronavirus epidemic happened during the Spring Festival in China. The government has adopted strong anti-epidemic policies, including blocking the city, delaying holidays, isolating prevention, prohibiting shop’s operating and etc, to prevent further spread of the epidemic. 

Came in February, PCBWay actively responded to the government's call, and in the use of our factory capacity and website platform’s intelligent means, organized dozens of pioneers on the day before New Year's Eve to return to Shenzhen from other provinces. In priority they are arranged to manufacture the PCB and PCBA orders for medical equipment manufacturers, and all medical equipment companies' orders will be processed urgently and in priority. Since February 7, PCBWay, as one of the few companies in Shenzhen that received the government's resumption of working permits, has provided hundreds of high-quality PCB products to dozens of medical equipment manufacturing and R&D companies across the country. The output reached more than 100,000m2. Faced with the Coronavirus epidemic, we tried our best to support for epidemic prevention, comprehensively guarantee production, and protect the health and safety of the people.

Therefore, delay of orders for many of our PCBWay customers happened. We are deeply sorry and hope you could understand. Your sincerely support means a lot in this situation. The good news is that currently most workers have returned to the factory and the production is in the fastest speed, now PCB orders can basically achieve 24 hours for prototype and 4-5 days for small batches(Please refer to the reviewed quote for specific date). Moreover, it is reliably predicted that the previous normal lead time would be fully restored by the end of March.

Take care and #StandWithPCBWay

Best regards,

PCBWay Team

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