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PCBWay New Services: 3D printing and CNC machining

by: Mar 11,2021 3798 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

CNC 3D printing

In the past few years, we have received many customer requests and suggestions, like:

“Can PCBWay launch 3D printing and CNC services? In this way, it is more convenient to manufacture the shell or related components that match the PCB projects.”

In order to meet the individual needs of more and more customers, after more than a year of preparation, PCBWay officially launched high-quality and fast 3D printing and CNC services. Providing multi-level, full-stack, integrated industrialization and digital capabilities for different companies and customers, PCBWay continues to use service-oriented thinking to help our customers solve real-world problems and reduce their costs.

What are the advantages of PCBWay rapid prototyping service?

High quality

We know all along that quality is what our customers most are concerned about, and is also the foundation of our long-term foothold, so we’ve been adhering to the principle of Quality First to our PCB & Assembly service, as well as our new 3D printing and CNC services. We choose a wealth of high-performance materials and high precision equipment to ensure the quality. The products even can be applied to the medical field.

Fast lead-time

You can directly get the quote online by submitting the required files, and our engineer will review them and sending the total price back to you in 12 hours. The average lead-time is 1-2 days. Our team is dedicated to making sure all parts you order are delivered on time and meet your quality expectations.

Intellectual Property protection

All the information and files are going through a strict onboarding process, which includes signing up to contractual obligations to safeguard your data if you need.

Low price

Based on the local factory in China, we are offering the most cost-effective 3D printing and CNC machining service, which starts from only $10 for 3D printing and $50 for CNC machining. We will provide 10% off on your order!

Get a CNC Machining Quote

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