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Obsidian ESP32 --- Combination of Raspberry Pi and ESP32( Original from Crowd Supply)

by: Nov 07,2019 1288 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

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Thomas McKahan is a long-time software and hardware tinkerer, beginning with Apple BASIC and 555 timers and working up to embedded Linux and system design. Currently, he made a new open-source hardware Obsidian ESP32, which is an Espressif ESP32-based board in the familiar form factor of popular single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. This allows you to use a wide variety of ready-made Raspberry Pi peripherals (or other peripherals) with the Arduino IDE, Espressif IDF, or MicroPython. The Raspberry Pi form factor also allows you to use cases and accessories that are already on the market. And you can do it all with low power consumption.


Using a microcontroller running either user code on bare hardware or via a real-time operating system, Obsidian ESP32 consumes significantly lower power than typical Linux single-board computers. It shares the form-factor with the popular Raspberry Pi and countless other single board computers, so the end-user can rest easy knowing their project has the flexibility to be easily ported to or from a Linux SBC as the need arises.


The funding of Obsidian ESP32 on Crowd Supply is successful and PCBWay just finished the production. After being individually electrically tested and loaded with MicroPython, they will be distributed to backers by Crowd Supply. You can also order it as the price of 35$ and orders placed now ship Nov 13, 2019. One note, the price includes U.S. shipping with an additional $10 charge for international addresses.

Resources : Crowd Supply

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