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Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Gateway - custom your Gateway

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custom Gateway WiFi5 Gateway Gigabit Dual Band OEM Case study OEM

Summary:       welcome to custom your Gateway We could provide professional OEM/ODM SOLUTION servises

welcome to custom your Gateway
We could provide professional OEM/ODM SOLUTION servises

Gigabit Dual Band WiFi5 Gateway

  • SIP, IMS-SIP, H248 three voice protocols
  • T30\T38 fax
  • Three-party calls, call waiting, call transfer, hotline calls and other auxiliary services.
  • IGMP snooping
  • IGMP proxy
  • MLD snooping
  • MLD proxy

Product Description

The PT939G/E series is an ONU device designed for home, small enterprises and other scenarios. It can provide 4 Ethernet GE interfaces to bring high-quality wireless WIFI, voice, data and high-definition video service experience to users.

IPTV service

Support IGMP snooping; IGMP proxy; MLD snooping; MLD proxy.

Various management modes


Wing Butler APP management, TR069 platform management,page setting common account and password, age upgrade, page restore to factory settings.

High-speed shared Internet access, intelligent long-distance coverage

WIFI long-distance coverage, 2.4G wireless communication, Gigabit Ethernet port uplink interface high-speed communication.


  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 6.53mm x 4.17mm x 1.3mm
  • Weight: 0.44pounds
  • Typical Power Consumption: 6.4W
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 13W(with USB load)
  • Working Environment Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH Non-Condensing
  • Working Environment Temperature: -5~+45℃
  • Adaptor Input: 180~240V AC,50/60Hz
  • Machine Power Supply: 11~14V(typical value 12V),1.5A
  • User Side Interface: 4xGE+1xPOTS+1x USB+WIFI_2.4G&5.8G
  • Network Side Interface: GPON/EPON
  • Indicator Light: Power/Fiber/Broadband/Storage
  • Fiber Port: SC/UPC
  • Protection Class: IP20
  • Installation Method: Indoor desktop flat, wall mounted or installed in a home box

Gateway master chip


Manufacturer: Realtek

Package: QFN-32


Manufacturer: XTX

Package: LGA8 8x6mm


Manufacturer: Microsemi

Package: QFN-36


Manufacturer: Realtek

Package: QFN-32


Manufacturer: Realtek

Package: QFN-56


Manufacturer: Realtek

Package: LQFP-128

Gateway component brand

Gateway project case

Integrated Workshop

Integrated Workshop

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