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  2. An Unforgettable Educational Visit Led by Dr. John Roeloffs

An Unforgettable Educational Visit Led by Dr. John Roeloffs

by: May 08,2019 1405 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

Factory Visit Production Process


April 25th, John Roeloffs, a professor from Rotterdam University of Applied Science took his students to visit our Kengzi PCB factory, PCB Assembly factory and Shajing PCB factory. We are very glad to have our friends visit our factories.

After a brief introduction about our company and a simple conversation in the conference room, we set off for visiting factories immediately.



The factories are all located in Shenzhen and each factory has different production process. Kengzi PCB factory consists of Drill Department, E-test Department, Stencil Department, Surface Department and etc...


While the PCB Assembly factory equips with Automatic SMT Machine and also has manual welding team. These two factories are located in Kengzi.

Another factory is located in Shajing, primarily responsible for the plated though hole, etching line, silkscreen and soldermask.


During the visit, our guests showed great interest to the manufacturing technique about PCB and got to know the complex work flow behind the small PCB.



After the visit, we were very reluctant to send away our young friends. 


PCBWay is open the door for all the friends who want to know the production process about PCB, just come and visit!


Waiting for u~: D

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