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5 Years of PCBWay : Always Do Our Best

by: Jun 13,2019 3357 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

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Summary:       TRUST ME, I'M A PCBWAYER.

Dear All PCBWayers,

Today I am so proud to announce that PCBWay has its 5 years celebration. Sincerely thank you for your support and trust. I still remember the day and the faces of my young team with great optimism and passion when PCBWay officially opened for business 5 years ago. Just in tiny places but with big dreams. And now we have almost 500+ employees who served for 250,000+ customers from 170+ countries.



During these 5 years, both our production capacity of factory and our online website have made a great progress. We set up plants in Huizhou, Pingshan and Shajing. They are all equipped with the modern production and testing facilities and software of world’s advanced level. Along with complete technology, service and after-sale team, we can provides technical support, production operation and order service for our customers 24 hours a day, and responds quickly and comprehensively to the global customers of their personalized and immediate needs. The good new is that in 2018 that we pass The Thermal Stress Test and PCB Restricted Substance Inspection. It means our PCB production is in current national standards of Restricted Substance Inspection.




Our website has been continuously optimized and upgraded in order to meet the need of our customers. This year, we have launched the Online Gerber Viewer and Get Gerber File Parameters Automatic Tool. Both new functions can minimize errors in the ordering process and make it more efficient. Besides, PCB Layout has been introduced to our main service which means that PCBWay can directly make your ideas to final products. While our community has also upgraded a lot, such as Questions which PCBWayer can raise their question or help other to solve their problems and we also have official account “PCBWay Support” to help you. Meanwhile, we start operating PCBWay’s own Gift Shop where PCBWayers can purchase electronics modules, components, tools, etc. Moreover, this year, we are setting the PCBWayer Bazaar for you in which you can sell your own awesome products directly in Gift Shop. From another perspective, you can also buy many excellent works from other PCBWayers here.



Overall, we have grown and matured in all sorts of ways and have a host of accomplishments of which we are incredibly proud. While we can’t make this happen without our customers’ continued support and trust. And I also want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of our employees. It is you that make the PCBWay unique and full of energy and passion.


There is no stop for learning and growing and I believe for the coming years we will presenting the world with better products, technologies, services and take the excellence to a new level. The difficulties and obstacles will arrive again to polish us on the road of advance. We will definitely weather the storm to prove that we’re the best. TRUST ME, I'M A PCBWAYER.

Regards to our awesome customers. Thank you again!


Yan, CEO of PCBWay

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