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10 Brilliant Soldering Kits for STEAM Education You Can't Miss

by: Jul 05,2019 2466 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

STEAM badge I CAN Solder Kit

Hi PCBWayers, summer holiday is coming. I have been chosen 10 cute badges from Shared Projects. There are all attractive for children. Hope soldering these badges can bring you happy and meaningful parent-child time~ Also, mastering certain soldering kit skill will help teenagers learn electronic technology better and enhance their hands-on skills. It’s an important part of STEAM education.

Let’s get to see them!

1.     Flashlight " I can Solder " STEAM

“Gold Award of the I CAN SOLDER KIT 2019”

This is a simple circuit to show how to turn on a LED and use it as flashlight.


2. Blink Coin cell toys collection - 11 boards

"Silver Award of the I CAN SOLDER KIT 2019"

It not using obviously self-flashing led but old good astable multivibrator. 

It is a nice piece of old fashion technology.




 Look how little your can solder with this SMD challenge. 

 Test your skills and beat the 0402 components.


4. Pikachu Printed Circuit Board

No one can say no to Pikachu!


5.  Myrtle the Mermaid

An easy to solder kit in the shape of a mermaid with LEDs in her hair and powered by a CR2032 coin cell. Any through-hole 3mm or 5mm LEDs with a forward voltage of less than 3V will work. Colour-cycling LEDs look particularly good!


6.  SakuraDoll

This Sakura Doll is designed to start your SMD soldering adventure beautifully. All passive components are 0805 in size. The SOT363 package of NL27WZ04 may be a bit challenging. With a fine-tip solder iron and steady hands, it is not difficult to make it blinking.


7. Alpaca Badge

This is a cute alpaca badge which uses a color changing RGB LED, a battery holder and a slide switch. It has two sewing hooks on the back so it can be easily attached to clothes or bags using a safety pin.


8.   MyPet - Maker Board

This board is created in a shape of a little happy dog, to estimulate the users to have a real experience and have a fun activities. Now, you can have your board and kid with your imagination and Arduino Projects.


9.    I Can Solder Badge

This simple badge will help you learn to solder using a fundamental electrical circuit with the schematic right on the PCB!


10.  Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire 2016 Soldering Kit

This is the Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire Soldering Kit from 2016. It's inspired by the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, which is where the Maker Faire Happens to take place (at the Balloon Museum).


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