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PCB giveaway program for the OSHW community

by: Nov 07,2013 1036 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

OSHW community PCB

Get a professionally manufactured pcb for your design completely FREE!

We are happy to announce our new PCB giveaway program for the OSHW community. We will professionally manufacture 5 pieces of your PCB design and ship them to you worldwide completely free. We just ask to publish your Open Source design on Electronics-Lab.com projects section (under your name) and you will get your PCBs for free in 15-25 days (depending on destination). All designs submitted will be manually reviewed and if applicable will be processed for manufacturing.

The process is simple:

Submit your design on the email below (Cadsoft EAGLE files in ZIP are preferred)

We review your design based on how well it is designed, how useful it is for the OSHW community

You get notified by email if your design is accepted or not

We process your design for manufacturing

We publish your project here on www.pcbway.com

You receive your PCB copies in 15-25 days

Some rules apply:

You must be the project owner (your project will be published with your name)

Your PCB can be 1 or 2 layers (max dimensions 15x20cm) Your PCB design should meet manufacture specifications (we will let you know if your board meets specs) You will get 5 boards for free + free worldwide shipping

Your design should be clean and pass most of ERC and DRC rules (electrical/design rule check)

All projects submitted should have at least: Schematic, PCB design, description / diagrams, code if available (photos are welcome)

CadSoft Eagle is the preferred CAD software to design your PCB (exported Gerber files from other software will be accepted) Submit your projects NOW on alex @ pcbway.com (subject: Get your PCB for Free).

You will get notified if your PCB meets minimum design specifications to participate on PCB giveaway program.

Feel free to ask any questions below.

Happy PCB designing! UPDATES-Projects approved so far: Open Source 3.2 TFT Smart Display FM Transmitter MAX4467 & MAX2606 DC Motor Driver using L293D LED Binary Clock-Arduino Shield Compatible 24x6 LED Matrix Control Circuit

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