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PCB Industry to Collect off-season Success

by: Dec 20,2013 538 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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Sony (Sony) PS4, Microsoft XboxOne pcb board success came in succession on sale , Xin Xing ( 3037 ) , HannStar Bo , Southern Electric and other printed circuit board benefit for the end of the off-season to inject some revenue , some orders even see next year February pcb board.

Xin Xing, HannStar Bo , Southern Electric operation is relatively weak this year , HannStar Bo , Southern Electric and more popular personal computer (PC) industry slump pcb board, with the first three quarters of the losses for the fourth quarter of the traditional off-season , three printed circuit board manufacturers considered relatively warm consoles orders .


Xin Xing and Southern Electric are Sony component pcb board suppliers , Yan Xing think Q4 traditional PCB, high-density connectors (HDI) boards and flexible printed circuit board (FPC) capacity utilization was lower than the third quarter , Integrated circuit (IC) substrates continue to maintain low .

Xin Xing past year with key customers Apple lopsided impact of the traditional off-season for the fourth quarter is not optimistic pcb board, but stressed that orders from the game since the third quarter of fermentation, the season is still relatively good product.

Xin Xing stressed that this customer adjustment strategy pcb board will change next year , the fastest in the second quarter have the opportunity to produce benefits .

Sony and Microsoft 's new consoles are two camps after nearly a long time, the value of the end consumer electronics season, were launched PS4 and XboxOne, another in November 15 , 22, on sale, also came success.

HannStar Bo is XboxOne supply chain that the main products notebook (NB) remains a certain level pcb board, game continued shipments, favorable support off-season revenue in the fourth quarter .

Southern Electric main products and PC (PC) related to Intel is the flip (FlipChip) carrier key customers , although no obvious PC before the end of the force , but recently from game consoles and other consumer electronics product orders significantly pcb board.

PCB industry, said Sony, Microsoft and other game makers rush at the end of the market, are expected next six months sights five , six million units of orders for the PCB market, not the main pcb board, but the season is still no small.

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