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How to Trace a PCB on a Projection TV

by: Mar 20,2014 826 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB printed circuit board(PCB)

Traces on printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the electrical circulatory system inside a projection television. Fully functioning capacitors and resistors on a computer's circuit board may be completely functional, but fail to work correctly due to a bad trace. Repairing a bad trace is a matter of understanding what one looks like, then tackling the repair itself.


1 Locate the broken trace with a magnifying glass. The trace may also appear scorched or burned.

2 Cut repeated shallow straight scores 2mm to 3mm immediately above and below the damaged trace section using your fine razor knife.

3 Scrape gently under one edge of the trace to push it up. Grab the protruding end of the trace. Gently pull it up and free of the PCB.

4 Clean the area of loose PCB shavings with the isopropyl alcohol and clean cloth.

5 Cut a new piece of trace wire with the razor knife. Place a piece of transparent tape perpendicular across the new trace wire. Pick it up with the tweezers.

6 Remove any additional unneeded metal from the old trace using the heated soldering iron and solder wick. Clean the area again with alcohol when this is complete.

7 Set the new trace into the groove you created by removing the old. Press it into the groove with the tip of your razor knife. Keep the tape in place for now.

8 Solder the new trace into place, connecting the ends of the new copper wire with the existing trace wire.

9 Scrub the joints gently, after they cure, with a small stiff-bristled metal brush to remove solder burrs.

10 Remove the tape. Apply a coating of clear glue or epoxy thick enough to completely insulate the new trace.

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