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PCBWay Celebrating 4 Years: A Letter from Mr. Yan,PCBWay CEO

by: Jun 19,2018 1756 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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Dear All,

This week, PCBWay is celebrating its 4th year as a PCB manufacturing company. We thank our clients, employees, and shareholders for their contributions to our continued success.

PCBWay has always specialized in PCB prototype and small & medium-sized manufacturing. It was founded in 2014, and we are constantly growing. Each early start is very difficult, the website and factory system are both improved by the efforts of everyone, and I can still remember the original prototype website. While 90 percent of startups fail, PCBWay has experienced continued development. Relying on the solid production capacity of our factories that has over 15 years PCB manufacturing experience, in the past 4 years,the PCBWay product has grown to include customers in 150 countries. 

PCBWay key highlights in the past 4 years,

1. At the beginning of 2018, PCBWay Spent $2,000,000 in ordering a whole set of Surface Treatment Equipment Automatic Copper Production Line. Heretofore, PCBWay has formed a system with headquarter in Hangzhou and 3 major PCB and 2 PCBA production bases in Shenzhen.

2. Since PCBWay was founded, it has kept an amazing growth. In the past 4 years,PCBWay has grown to include 250,000 customers around the world.

3. From the very beginning, there are only 5 people in the team, and now we have grown up with more than 70 senior management personnel and senior engineers, 500 professional and experienced production employees and 50 sales.

4. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our website has been continuously optimized and upgraded. Such as, Real-time Tracking System, Gift Shop, Question & Answer, Shared Project, Sponsorship, etc.

In the next few years, we know that the PCB prototype industry will enter a more competitive environment. Right now, PCBWay has 3 factories in Shenzhen and the advanced equipment are gradually introduced to the factories. We’re on the road of rapid development, improving our operations to enable faster global market penetration and improving the customer experience. We’re working hard to deliver on our vision of building the ecosystem for “PCB Prototype the Easy Way”. We are doing all of these things in parallel while growing our team. Besides, we always believe that customer’s need is the driving force. Let’s go further together.




PCBWay anniversary celebration in Zhoushan

PCBWay Team celebration.jpg

PCBWay 4th anniversary T-shirt (You can get it on the Gift Shop)

pcbway 4th anniversary T-shirt.jpg

PCBWay 4th anniversary sticker ( Randomly give away in the order package)

pcbway 4th anniversary sticker.jpg

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