Minimize crosstalk with optimized PCB routing technique

I. IntroductionToday, there are a number of high speed digital communication protocols applied in portable computing devices with compact PCB dimensions. Protocols such as PCIe, USB, and SATA have dat...

PCB routing printed circuit board

PCB and Routing Solutions: Centering Traces in BGA

To increase fabrication yield, it is important to center the traces between the fanout vias inside the BGA area. Large BGAs are usually 1mm pitch and medium sized ones are 0.8mm. Then we go down to 0....

PCB Routing printed circuit board

PCB and Routing Solutions: Introduction

My name is Charles Pfeil and my role at Mentor Graphics is one in which I always have a primary focus on routing technology and methods – although I do get involved in numerous other projects. I began...

PCB Routing printed circuit board

PCB Routing Techniques

printed circuit board (PCB) routing techniques are a bit like a piece of artwork. There is an engineering component -- the load of various circuit and solder paths cannot intersect or interfere with t...

PCB Routing Printed circuit board (PCB)

Custom PCB shapes

In business as in life, we learn more from listening than talking. We may think our message is getting out but just because we understand our processes completely, doesn’t mean our customers do. The ...

Custom PCB shapes PCB routing PCB board outline

Remote testing fast 40 a DC/DC controller correction of the output voltage error caused by PCB routing

Ling (Linear Technology) the company launched two phase step-down LTC3709 type synchronous DC/DC controller, the device has a fast transient response, can eliminate caused by PCB routing and big load ...

PCB routing PCB PCB go line

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