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micromidi - homebrew 25 key portable midi controller

midi controller for use with popular daw software such as ableton live. uses a teensy 3.5 or 3.6. 25 key button matrix keyoard using led lit 12mm x 12mm tactile switch from wurth electronik. 13 potentiometer(4 macro, 5 envelope, 4 filter) + 1 potentiometer for master volume and a few generic 6mm tactile switch to be user assignable, obviously this is just the bare unpopulated pcb. this is my first pcb design, hopfully no errors.

p.s. it is not immediately obvious as to how the teensy fits in there and it is because it uses a custom adapter board I made with standard prototyping "perf" board which adapts from 2 standard 1x24 pin headers (for the teensy) on one side to a cluster f**k of pins; 2 seperate 2x10 pin headers spaced a random distance apart as well as plated through holes in the footprint of 2 more 2x10 pin headers to serve as an "easy" way to add pull down resistors for each pin. remember I said this was my first time

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May 01,2020
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