eRacing ETSEIB

We are the eRacing ETSEIB team. We represent the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, specifically the School of Industrial Engineering in Barcelona.

We participate in the electric vehicle category of the Motostudent competition, which will take place at the MotorLand circuit. Therefore, the main objective of this project would be the design and manufacturing of a prototype of an electric racing motorcycle.

Our team has a history of 4 editions, during which we have achieved awards such as "MS1: Best industrial project" won in 2018. Attached, please find a photo of the awards we have obtained.

We adhere to a set of values that have been consistently passed down from edition to edition. One notable aspect is the self-design of each component of the motorcycle. In comparison to other competition teams that incorporate commercial parts into their prototypes, our team consists of students who design the entire motorcycle. An example of this is the Battery Management System (BMS), the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) used for motor control, and the inverter.

This project is highly rewarding and educational. However, to achieve our goals, we require a powerful manufacturer with high capabilities who can meet our requirements.

We became acquainted with your company, where we see a commitment to innovative technologies and high capabilities.

Currently, we are transitioning from the design phase to manufacturing, and we would like to have your sponsorship for our project.

We are improving the inverter from the previous edition and planning to incorporate an electronic component into the battery, which could be a significant innovation in the sector.

With your sponsorship, we hope to obtain a discount on the manufacturing of the components. As a university team with a limited budget, we do not want this fact to hinder our ambitions. While monetary support would be appreciated, a discount on the products would be especially beneficial.

I am attaching a photo of the prototype from the previous edition.

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Jun 09,2023
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