World's biggest Raspberry Pi Cluster

The world's biggest Pi Cluster is made of 1000 Pi's, I would like to break that record by making a cluster with 2000 Pi's, I want you guys to support me with this project.

This is image of the current world record holder of Raspberry Pi Cluster consisting 1060 Pi's in total and to break the world record I'll be making a Cluster with 2100 Pi's to break the world record.

Each tray will contain 21 Pi's that means we will have 100 trays to complete the target of 2000 Pi's, 21 x 100 = 2100 Pi's

The Cluster will be booted on Linux server Primarily and would be upgraded to Windows in future.

We would make special server trays for 21 Pi's and use server racks to make the Cluster.

Many parts will be made by 3D Printing and we will make special power systems also with Backup system which will keep the server on even after any power outage.

We have calculated and the project will cost 650,000$ USD

This project would also help us to learn about Pi more.

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Dec 27,2021
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